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MA Project - Introduction

In January 2006 I completed an MA in interactive multimedia at Bath Spa University. This site summarises the work that I submitted as my main project.

I started this project with the express intention of "doing something with video and Robot keyringrobots", though I was not sure what this really meant at the time. That said, I deliberately kept the initial objectives vague as I did not want to limit the scope of the project from the outset. This strategy of open-ended research proved difficult especially when it came to submitting a deliverable which could be assessed upon completion. Therefore, as well as being a record of the research that was undertaken, I created this site in order to have something which I could submit for assessment.

I have divided the site into three key sections for convenience but in reality these represent considerably overlapping areas of research. These sections are:

Digital Video
In this section I discuss my overall strategy and underlying themes as well as some of the concepts behind each of the individual videos. I also detail some of the techniques I have used.
All of the final videos are available to view online.

In this section I talk about my enthusiasm for robots and highlight some of the technical issues I encountered along the way. This section also contains detailed analysis and footage of the technical trials that I undertook while developing the robots.

This section is in effect a proposal for an interactive video installation using Macromedia Flash. It sets out the scope of the proposal and details the technical solutions I reached. I have also created online interactive versions for each of the proposed Flash movies which emulate the functionality of the live pieces as faithfully as possible.

I have recently added some of my other more interesting Post Graduate projects along with my Cultral Theory essays.