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Critical Juncture

I shot the footage for this film in the Great Western Maze during the summer. The idea then was that this should link in with the Cretan Labyrinth theme, but as time has passed this has taken on less importance and new themes have emerged in its place. Now the maze seems to be more about the workings of the mind. The way our mind makes connections between associative ideas reflects the neural pathways within our brain. For me, there seems to be a correlation between the way we think, the architecture of the brain and the bifurcating structure of the maze. Another theme I have focused on is that of transition - the sense of crossing over from one state to another. This idea of liminality recurs throughout the whole project. A further theme and one inextricably linked to the two preceding themes is that of death. This could be said to be the 'critical juncture' of the title. As well as being a companion piece to "Panic Buy" I have revisited many of the same recurring themes explored in all of the other movies. Wandering through this maze could be seen as a journey through one's mind with its random associations of words and images which in turn spark off new associations and new pathways.