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Panic Buy

"Panic Buy" is created from a loop taken from my video "Panic Shop". In this version I have desaturated the colours to give it an hallucinatory quality. The washed-out colours remind me of an old hand-coloured film. This was done to distance the film from day-to-day reality as I was attempting to depict an internal mental conflict more than make observations about the external world. While the film loops indefinitely random words and images appear on the screen creating alternative narratives and recontextualising the underlying movie.

The random words that flash-up periodically are associated with:
a. the symptoms of a panic attack
b. commerce.
I have deliberately chosen words with ambiguous, multivalent meanings to keep the range of interpretations as wide as possible (e.g. value, credit, offer).

The random images which occasionally appear are based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse - traditionally war, famine, pestilence, and death. I have colour-coded these according to tradition i.e: war = red; famine = black; pestilence = pale green; death = white (although it should be noted that there are many other conventions).

The "first-person" perspective of the camera and soundtrack is designed to place the viewer as the central character within the film, as if they themselves are experiencing the inner turmoil the film depicts.

"Panic Buy" is a companion piece to "Critical Juncture"