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This is a reworking of my earlier "Ghosts" video. However, I have transformed the room into a comic book version of itself to create a sense of "magic realism" and changed the setting to night to make the environment seem colder and less inviting .

In this film the user controls the action (whether they are aware of it or not) by standing in front of ultrasonic sensors. When the user activates Sensor A a solitary figure emerges from the gloom and paces slowly around a room in circles. The figure is like the static on the TV set that plays continually in the corner. Activating Sensor B makes the figure appear more solid but also raises the volume on a barely audible sound like a chant or incantation but which could equally be just confused mumblings. The figure, like the TV, is never quite in tune with the world, and though constantly in motion one gets the impression that this figure is really in some sort of unchanging stasis stuck in an eternal loop.

"Static" is a companion piece to "X Bath"