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X Bath

This work explores the idea of boundaries, and specifically liminality – the threshold between one state and another. The ghostly figures hover somewhere between the present and the past, the 'here and now' and the 'hereafter', the physical and the spiritual, fact and fiction. They operate in the space between words and the world they describe. The partially obscured text is hard to grasp as it flits by but by picking out words here and there one gets an overall impression of its meaning indirectly. The text itself comes from a paper by Robin Skeates on 'Fetishism and Visual Culture in Later Neolithic South-East Italy'. In this he writes of caves which are liminal spaces "for the performance of rituals" and which define "boundaries and contacts between the living and the dead". He calls such a space "a point of contact between the lived-in and supernatural worlds". This article resonated strongly with me as it touches on many of the themes which I have been exploring (he even refers to neolithic installation art!) and it felt appropriate to incorporate text from it within the movie.

"X Bath " is a companion piece to "Static"