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III. Installation - Flash Movies

480x360 - 14.8 MB

Panic Buy
"Panic Buy" is created from a loop taken from my video "Panic Shop". In this version I have desaturated the colours to give it an hallucinatory quality. The washed-out colours...


480x360 - 6.09 MB

This is a reworking of my earlier "Ghosts" video. However, I have transformed the room into a comic book version of itself to create a sense of "magic realism" and...


480x360 - 343 KB

Emergent Behaviour
In the movie we see a city centre from above. It appears to be night and part of the city seems to be illuminated by a very large spotlight. Looking...



480x360 - 605 KB

X Bath
This work explores the idea of boundaries, and specifically liminality – the threshold between one state and another. The ghostly figures hover somewhere between the present and the past, the 'here...


480x360 - 9.29 MB

Critical Juncture
I shot the footage for this film in the Great Western Maze during the summer. The idea then was that this should link in with the Cretan Labyrinth theme, but ...