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I. Digital Video - Videos

Ghosts (1'30")
Shot in my "living" room this is the first of my videos to explore the idea of liminal space. The soundtrack is an assemblage of sounds which have been slowed.


X Bath (1'30")
This is a similar idea to "Ghosts" in that I wanted to have distinct groups of people moving through the same space simultaneously. I have edited the footage to only.


Minoan Sky (1'48")
This is a fairly straightforward film of a short journey on foot in Crete. Although it was primarily an exercise in editing to a soundtrack it also touches upon some.


Panic Shop (1'32")
Although "Panic Shop" was the first film I made as part of this project, it was also possibly the most successful. Essentially it was a very simple idea to hide.


Robot Dance No.1 (1'30")
This film was made autonomously by the Cambot with no (well almost no) intervention from me. I did of course add the soundtrack. I also selected the footage that made.


Robot Dance No.2 (1'29")
In this video I cut the footage to a piece of music I wrote specifically to match the tempo of the robots dance. I attempted to mimic a music video.